The Man Behind LA’s Historic Lummis House

Allow me to tell you a little about the Lummis house and the man who built it.

Charles F. Lummis was an author as well as an historian. But wait, there’s more! He was also a known photographer, ethnographer, archaeologist, poet and librarian. This man did it all! Long story short, he was kind of a bad ass! In 1881 he decided to leave Harvard and head to warmer weather.  So, he made his way to good ole’ (err, new) LA, but he does so without a plane, train or automobile! This original Chuck Norris walked his way here with nothing more than a pair of street shoes on his feet (and some clothes on his back, silly). He was hired by the LA Times as an editor (the very first, in fact!), and on his trek across the land, he would send letters along with visual descriptions of his travels to the Times! If you ask me, that is pretty amazing stuff. I don’t even like walking into a Starbucks to get a latte.

Once Lummis finally arrived here in Los Angeles, he like many others before him, had one small dilemma … where to live? After a very brief deliberation, he decided on a castle. Seriously, a castle? Unfortunately for him, Los Angeles at that time wasn’t really in high supply of castles. So, this man who just walked over 2,000 miles, decided to build his own castle by hand. He built this castle with stones he acquired from the river. Uhm? Talk about do-it- yourself! I would have loved to follow this Lummis character on Pinterest!

Here is a photo of Mr. Lummis, not a bad looking guy!


And here is a photo of the AMAZING estate! Knowing the story behind the man makes the house that much more beautiful to me!