Find an Open House

Find an Open House   |   New Feature   

Are you an Open House Junkie?  Looking for a quick search of homes that are open this weekend?  Or, perhaps you are out-and-about and need to find an open house nearby? You’re in luck!

Go See An Open House

In an effort to bring you the features you want and can use, we’ve created a new search that highlights open houses each weekend! Click here to view a list of all Eastside open houses scheduled this weekend.  Move the map around to different LA neighborhoods and the list will update.  Want to set price and size limits? Click on the Search tab to further sort the search results.  It’s simple and easy!

Viewing on your smartphone or tablet?  A few extra steps to get you there… After clicking on this link, select the RED “Refine Search” button, located on the top left hand side of handheld device! Once there, select “Additional Filters” then “Open Houses” and choose which time frame you are looking for. You can sort by; happening right now, happening through today and happening this weekend!  Make your selection and then hit “in a list”. Your open house search begins here!