Free Trees!

Earlier this year, one of our clients purchased a two-on-a-lot in Highland Park with a HUGE yard.  Good thing she has an incredible green thumb because most of us wouldn’t have known what to do with all of that space.  I got to visit her this past week and she shared with me a resource where LA residents can get up to 7 free trees!!!  And who doesn’t love free stuff?  Especially when we are talking about shade giving, carbon reducing trees. I mean, FREE TREES!  

Free Trees

The organization is called City Plants and they are spreading the love throughout Los Angeles with a mission to “expand and maintain LA’s green canopy.”  In addition to providing trees to LA residents, they host free fruit tree events and provide free parkway trees (for that space between the sidewalk and road that neither you nor the city want to maintain).


Visit their website to apply for free shade or parkway trees and check out their upcoming dates for the free fruit tree events.  Plus you can peruse a list of the trees they offer and, I must say, it’s a more extensive list than I was expecting.  Yay, City Plants!!!