A Tale of Two Houses, How to spend 1.6 to 1.8 Million on Silver Lake Real Estate

If Silver Lake is your favorite neighborhood, and you have upwards of 2 million to spend on a property, here are 2 very different ways to live in Silver Lake!

2369 Kenilworth is a more traditional take on Silver Lake living with beautiful terracing and gardens with view of the reservoir.

A tale of two Houses

2369 Kenilworth

 Kenilworth Kitchen & Dining

Kenilworth Kitchen & Dining

Listed at $1,655,000   |   Listing courtesy of Karen Lower   |   Coldwell Banker

1475 Easterly Terrace is modern piece of art with lots of concrete and high end finishes and details.

Silver Lake

1475 Easterly Terrace

Silver Lake

1475 Easterly Terrace Views!

Listed at $1,849,000   |   Listing Courtesy of Brian Courville   |   John Aaroe Group

Can’t decide, buy them both and fit your 2 personalities.  Both are family friendly, though Kenilworth has a higher room count for your ever expanding brood or visiting family that just won’t leave.

Want to see them both in person? Let us know!