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One thing we Angelenos know better than anyone, is our way around some fresh produce!

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Farmer’s Market Swag!

Upon moving to LA I was enamored with all the choices I had right at my fingertips for finding my own farm fresh goodies each week! Being the avid foodie that I am, I cannot tell you how elated I was to walk out my front door and literally stroll on over to the Hollywood market each Sunday. Whether it was for this week’s ration of heirloom tomatoes or the whole rabbit (yeah, that’s right, I said WHOLE RABBIT) I reluctantly bought after a little coaxing from my fiance so that I could make my first pass at rabbit coq au vin. No matter the size of the grocery list or the items upon it, one thing holds true… This market has changed me, my shopping routine, and my whole being for the better.

So, I thought, why not bestow a little of my farmers’ market knowledge upon you kind folks. I’ve compiled an end-all be-all list of stops that should be on your market radar each week!

If you are anything like me, you live and die by the Yelp sword and what others are saying in your neck of the woods matters to you! So I went ahead and included links to each market’s Yelp page.

Without further adieu, I give you, the Great Big List of market’s near you! You’re welcome!


Los Feliz Farmers’ Market
Where: Los Feliz Post Office Parking Lot – Vermont and Franklin Ave.
Time: 9 AM – 2 PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here! 

Atwater Village Farmers’ Market
Where: 3250 Glendale Blvd. in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot at Larga Ave. (Public parking across the street, west of the market)
When: 10 AM – 2 PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here! 

Hollywood Farmers’ Market (my ABSOLUTE favorite)
Where: Ivar Avenue and Selma Avenue (between Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd). When: Sunday, 8 AM to 1 PM *** This market is my most favorite market of them all!! First off, they have goats… like real live goats you can pet and hold and feed, it’s amazing. There is also a plethora of succulent and air-plant stands, many a soap stands, an alley filled with spices (called spice alley), the lady with the rabbits and a Bloody-Mary bar very close by! Check out the Yelp reviews, here! 


Silverlake Farmers’ Market
Where: 3700 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90189 (West Sunset & Edgecliffe Drive)
When: 2 PM – 7:30 PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here!


The Los Angeles Medical Center Certified Farmers’ Market.
Where: Barnsdall Art Park on Hollywood Blvd. between Berendo and Edgemont.
When: 12 PM – 6PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here!


Glendale Farmers’ Market 
Where: Downtown Glendale, First Baptist Church Parking Lot, Maryland Avenue between California and Wilson (behind the Alex Theatre)
When: 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here!

South Pasadena Farmers’ Market
Where: Every historic South Pasadena by the Metro Gold Line at South Pasadena Station.
When: Thursday Rain or Shine! Summer Hours 4pm to 8pm in
Check out the Yelp reviews, here!


Echo Park Farmers’ Market
Where: Echo Park, Parking Lot #663 at 1125 Logan St. South of Sunset Blvd.
When: 3 PM to 7 PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here!

Eagle Rock Farmers’ Market
When: Fridays, 4:30 to 8 p.m. (8:30 during the summer)
Where: Recently relocated, the Eagle Rock market is now held just outside Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Boulevard at Maywood
Check out the Yelp reviews, here! 


Silverlake Farmers’ Market
Where: 3700 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90189 (West Sunset & Edgecliffe Drive)
When: 8 AM– 1:00 PM
Check out the Yelp reviews, here!

 To Airbnb or not Airbnb, that is the question.  AND also if it’s legal.


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Seems like everyone we talk to these days either wants in on the Airbnb action or has a strong opinion about it.  Certainly it’s been a hot button topic locally where it played a recent role in elections for the Silver Lake and Echo ParkNeighborhood Councils.  With so much chatter lately, we wanted to get the skinny on what was kosher and what was prohibited in the City of Los Angeles… And immediately fell down the Airbnb rabbit hole. From what we discovered, it’s a tricky question to answer.

Alan Bell, the Deputy Director of Planning, released a memo back in March outlining the complexities of the short term rental (30 days or less) and basically said there are three commercial zones where a short term rental “may be” allowed.  They are the RAS4, residential accessory services zone, and the R4 and R5, higher-density multi-family residential zones.  He goes on to say the “rules are complex” and in “some cases” they are allowable with a Conditional Use Permit.  Oy vey!  So much for getting to the bottom of that!

I would hazard a guess that very few of the Airbnb properties out there fall inside those zones but what actual enforcement looks like is hard to tell.  The conversation around Airbnb is further complicated by the rent control aspect in the City of LA.  Residential buildings occupied prior to 1978 with two or more units fall within the ordinance… ie: you can’t boot a tenant without good cause.  Ever.

So, we called the Los Angeles Housing & Community Investment Department (nice name) to get some guidance and were told that properties which were covered under the rent stabilization ordinance would not be subject to rent control laws until the term hit 30 days or more.  Then, we called a second time and were told it didn’t make a difference if the term was under 30 days, if money is exchanged for residential housing that is covered by rent control, it would fall within the rent stabilization ordinance.  Uh…  Ok, thanks for the conflicting information?

Next step?  I started reading through the actual ordinance and it looks like the 30 days thing is a thing but maybe only for properties that aren’t normally subject to rent control and… Clearly, I’m no attorney.  So, we searched further and found this article by an actual attorney, Anthony Marinaccio, and here is what he had to say…

“Some particular issues may also arise in cities with rent control, such as Los Angeles. Although single family homes are not subject to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance, if you rent your home by the bedroom, rent control could apply if residents live there for more than thirty days. This could have an unintended consequence that a landlord of a short term rental could not actually evict a tenant without cause.

Also, you should check your insurance policy to see what may or may not be covered when renting on a short term basis. Your insurance carrier may find that your home is not owner occupied or that you were running a business out of your home, in which case, your insurance policy would need to be modified.”

So, basically, it’s a probably-not-legal, very-likely-prohibited, rent-at-your-own-risk kind of situation. Which is a bummer for many people we know who love Airbnb.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the Airbnb conversation develops so, stay tuned!


Well…It’s that time again! Backyard BBQ’s, Beers and Burgers! Summer is officially here and Independence Day, Fireworks are right around the corner!

Independence Day, Fireworks

Santa Monica Pier Fireworks!

However you plan to celebrate the day this 4th, make sure you have a pre-determined spot for watching the fireworks that night.

To help you narrow down your location scouting, the lovely and talented people at Curbed LA put together this incredible list and map of local places you and yours can go to check out the fire in the sky this 4th of July!

Love the fireworks, but not a fan of the crowds? Don’t fret, they even listed a few places guaranteed to be off the beaten path and less of a mess than the ever popular Griffith Park. This way, even the hermit in you, can enjoy the festivities!

Click here for the list & map of the best beaches, parks and bridges to take in the night lights!

As Echo Park Realtors​, we were recently interviewed by Don Simkovich, a Los Angeles business news specialist, for ​an article​ ​on The Examiner!​

We talked with Don about the temperature of the current real estate market,​where interest rates​ were expected to go and what we think will happen over the course of this year!

Check out the​full blog post​ here!

Echo Park Realtors

Echo Park Realtors Alyssa Valentine & Anselm Clinard

Echo Park Realtors Alyssa & Anselm!

Allow me to tell you a little about the Lummis house and the man who built it.

Charles F. Lummis was an author as well as an historian. But wait, there’s more! He was also a known photographer, ethnographer, archaeologist, poet and librarian. This man did it all! Long story short, he was kind of a bad ass! In 1881 he decided to leave Harvard and head to warmer weather.  So, he made his way to good ole’ (err, new) LA, but he does so without a plane, train or automobile! This original Chuck Norris walked his way here with nothing more than a pair of street shoes on his feet (and some clothes on his back, silly). He was hired by the LA Times as an editor (the very first, in fact!), and on his trek across the land, he would send letters along with visual descriptions of his travels to the Times! If you ask me, that is pretty amazing stuff. I don’t even like walking into a Starbucks to get a latte.

Once Lummis finally arrived here in Los Angeles, he like many others before him, had one small dilemma … where to live? After a very brief deliberation, he decided on a castle. Seriously, a castle? Unfortunately for him, Los Angeles at that time wasn’t really in high supply of castles. So, this man who just walked over 2,000 miles, decided to build his own castle by hand. He built this castle with stones he acquired from the river. Uhm? Talk about do-it- yourself! I would have loved to follow this Lummis character on Pinterest!

Here is a photo of Mr. Lummis, not a bad looking guy!


And here is a photo of the AMAZING estate! Knowing the story behind the man makes the house that much more beautiful to me!


Don’t you just love maps?  I do.  I could study maps all day long.  Especially when you stumble upon an outstanding gem such as this one… A map of Echo Park from 1909!


Such a stylish map of Echo Park!  And all that green space!  Hard to imagine our Los Angeles like this… Take a gander at Angeleno Heights, the first suburb!

For access to the entire interactive Los Angeles map from 1909 check out this awesome website:


This year has been our busiest year ever and we are thankful to live and work in a city that we love. In 2013 we added two amazing people to our team and launched this awesome website!

We wanted to give a shout out to everyone to say thank you for your continued support and also for your business and referrals throughout the past year!

From our whole team, we wish you and yours a lovely and happy holiday season… and a very chill December!

-Alyssa & Anselm

Holiday Card 2013



This photo looks like something straight off the Hollywood big screen! It becomes even more clever when you find out it’s something that wasn’t staged and was shot with a hidden trap camera in our very own Griffith Park!

After wildlife photographer Steve Winter heard the rumors of a mountain Lion who roamed everywhere from Downtown Los Angeles to Griffith park, he made it his goal to get a photo of the elusive lion under the Iconic Hollywood sign.

It took him 14 months, numerous stolen camera’s and plenty of man hours, but he finally did it! To read the whole amazing article on how Steve captured the shot of a lifetime click here!


Who wouldn’t want to buy this house…

268_fitzgerald_2315wadamsExcept that it now looks like this….

Fitzgerald HouseI’ve been a bit obsessed with the beat up Gothic manor on the corner of Adams & Arlington in West Adams for some time now.  I finally walked through it last week and it’s a un-holy mess!  Built in 1906 and beat up from years of neglect, possible squatters, many horror film shoots & who knows what else, it would be a serious labor of love to bring it back.


The bathroom tile in the master was incredible.  Someone, please help me find his tile!



Poor baby of a house.  It could be amazing but you would still have to fight with the deafening traffic noise on that busy intersection.

Fitzgerald House 1

photo (2)

So, how much?  It was listed in 2008 for $1.9M.  Again in 2011 for $1.199M and now for $1.299M!!!  Anyone?  Anyone?

3115 West Adams Blvd    |    6 beds, baths   |    Listing courtesy of  Strategic Realty