WTF Wednesday  |  Statue Edition  |

For this week’s WTF Wednesday, we are focusing on homes with statues…  big statues, animal statues, statues in every room!  I’m limited in my love for statues and prefer them to be, either, very abstract or completely non-existent.  Let’s just say I’m not running out to my local statue retailer anytime soon.

However, Southern California is an ever diverse land so I ran a search to see how many homes have the word “statues” in their description.  There were a total of 12 and I’ve picked the best shots to share with you!  Behold, the power of the statue!

WTF Wednesday

4996 Puesta del Sol

This lovely with lions is located at 4996 Puesta Del Sol St in Malibu and features a number of statues in addition to the two guarding the pool.  There’s a statue in the atrium, two more lions standing guard at the front gate, two beauties in the dining room, an eagle in the living room and three more near the main staircase.  Honestly, I could go on.  The listing says they are all included in the sale.  Oh goody!  Listed for $4,799,999 by Claudius Estates.

WTF Wednesday

936 Chantilly Rd

Ok, I actually really love this house and would like to see it and totally buy it.  And if I did, I would immediately remove the statues.  Cause that’s what’s great about statues, you can remove them!  This gorgeous Mid Century at 936 Chantilly Rd steals my heart with it’s sprawling footprint, parquet floors and clean lines.  Since the statues are purported to be original, I might consider keeping them around but first I need to drum up some cash.  Who’s in?  Listed for $1,985,000 by Partners Trust Brentwood.

WTF Wednesday

8090 Green Rd.

Statues standing guard by the fountain in summer and…

WTF Wednesday

8090 Green Rd. – in snow

In the snow?  8090 Green Rd is located in Pinon Hills, which I have discovered (thank you google) is up the 138 past Rancho Cucamonga.  I couldn’t resist the statues in two seasons, like Monet’s Haystacks paintings. Slightly out of focus.  Listed for $779,000 by Intero Real Estate Services.

WTF Wednesday

54050 Cananero

Do you see them?  Galloping in the distance over the creek?  These lovely steeds and two others welcome you to Griffin Ranch, a new gated community in La Quinta.  So, maybe they aren’t your private dancers tucked in your very own back yard.  But every time you turn onto Merv Griffin Drive, there they are… beckoning you home.  And what, really, could be better than that?

Have a fabulous statue story to share?  Please do!




WTF Wednesday   |   Joshua Tree   |

Welcome to WTF Wednesday where we highlight the strange, the bizarre and the just plain perplexing in real estate.  This week, we discovered 1234 Daisy in Joshua Tree.  A tiny little 200 square foot “cabin” with an equally tiny list price at only $12,500.  The listing description reads “Cabin needs a lot of work” and “This could be a nice weekender for the right person who has some vision”.  Understatements of the year?  You tell me…

WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday – 1234 Daisy

WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday – 1234 Daisy

I especially love the detail shot of the rubble…



All said, it does come with 5 acres so… Got Vision?  Want more detail?  Let us know…

1234 Daisy, Joshua Tree    |   0 bedrooms, 0 baths   |   200 square feet

Listing courtesy of TONY CIPOLLA, Joshua Tree Realty